In Memory of
Geneva Carol Wetzel Buschbom "Ginny"

Geneva Carol Wetzel Buschbom (49) of Houston, Texas was born on January 17, 1971 in Arlington, Texas and passed away unexpectedly on May, 14, 2020 as a result of complications from COVID-19.

“Ginny” was our sunshine, our calm, and our tornado!  She had the superpower to look at each person she interacted with and to know exactly what she should say to build them up, encourage them or just make their life, day or moment brighter.  She was a warrior for her people and felt accountable for making a difference in every moment and epitomized fierce love and devotion.  We were drawn to her light because she was attention grabbing, but never attention seeking. She was a light to this world, and she loved Jesus and lived every day in His service.

Ginny spent her early years in the Dallas area – she was a bright and spunky child that demonstrated early on that she would not back down from a challenge but also make sure everyone knew exactly how she felt about said challenge.  Authentic from the beginning!  At age four, her mother made her take swimming lessons, and while she followed the instructor’s direction perfectly, to the instructor’s dismay, she cried every moment (she did not want the lessons – but was going to get it done anyway).  She and her mother spent a little time in Amarillo, but eventually they landed in Houston – where Ginny found her home and attended high school and college.  She attended the University of Houston and then eventually transferred to Sam Houston State where she graduated in 1993.  While in college, she studied Criminal Justice and was a member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority.  She also had a brief stint at a veterinary clinic where she longed to bring home every stray – and eventually persevered and brought home an injured cat that enjoyed a long wonderful life in Ginny’s care.

In her early career, she interned with the Dallas Police Department, which looking back, gave useful insight to her and her friend’s shenanigans at various points in her life – helping us all stay on the right side of the law (mostly).  Her determination for justice in this world, played into everything she did in life. 

In 1997 she found a new interest in marketing that set her life on a new path.  She worked for Sam Pease, and he quickly would become her mentor and was like a father to her.  Then the magical day arrived when Ginny met her life partner, Klaus Buschbom.  The momentous day was May 6, 1997 while they each attended the Frank's International Crawfish Boil.  They were introduced by Sam and after talking to Klaus for just a short time, she knew immediately that there was something special there.  The next day, Ginny couldn't wait to tell all her friends about this amazing German guy she had met.  She knew he was the one (Klaus did not stand a chance).  Fast forward to the “Weekend at Bernie’s” circa 1997 gathering and Klaus’ family immediately embraced Ginny as one of their own.  Three years later, they were married on May 6, 2000.  (And boy what a wedding that was!) Ginny was a beautiful, Godly wife.  She and Klaus celebrated 20 years of marriage this month.  She was his partner and confidant – and they were a perfectly matched couple (Klaus’s calm patience definitely helped!).  Their personalities and humor were a seamless compliment to one another.

Ginny and Klaus prayed earnestly for children – and their prayers were answered with the birth of Peter.  They were quickly triple blessed with Emma and Kate being born just one year later.  Baby Wise and their German fleißig (diligent) focus on schedules amazed all their friends and resulted in some pretty amazing parenting (envision cribs, diapers and laundry for three babies). She made it look easy and was blowing the minds of her friends that had only one baby at home (she also passed along many important tips)!

Ginny was a brilliant mother. Her depth of love and care for Peter, Emma and Kate was unsurpassed.  Her kids were her joy and she always felt blessed beyond measure to be their mom. She set an example to live by on how to love, help children be secure in their faith, and to positively influence a child’s life – all while keeping it genuine and real.  Ginny continuously gave people the courage to just let loose, enjoy life and go for it – and this was true with her children as well.  She made such an impression on all of the children that crossed her path – she loved them and made sure they knew it. Being a “affirming adult” in the lives of other children was one of Ginny’s highest priorities.

Ginny was maniacally focused on making life full and rich for her family and friends.  She loved spending time with Susanne and dressing their toddlers and coordinating their outfits for holiday family pictures (the kids started to resist this in high school – ha!).  She was also at the heart of planning beach days, camping trips, visits to foreign countries, girl’s trips – she never held back and was always an ambassador to make sure people were having fun and enjoying life – she was a most gracious planner and host.  She was always the one you wanted on the trip because she was hilarious and unpredictable.  She taught us so much about living life to our greatest capacity.

Ginny had a passion and amazing talent for cooking and hosted countless gatherings where her guests would anticipate with joy what she would be serving.  She would have the most amazing spreads of food and beverages – she was by far the most remarkable hostess.  She was a great gatherer of friends and family - she was our glue.  We will miss her sauerkraut, beer bratwurst and pretzels, smoked salmon and cold cut charcuterie board, Crème Brule and her “adventuresome” Christmas dinners.  We will never forget the Christmas tradition of the Buschbom open house gathering – brining friends and food together – as only Ginny could do.

Volunteering and having an impact – were another passion for Ginny.  She wanted to change the world for the better – and she did.  Klaus and Chris Krummel used to joke that their wives ran all the 501©3s in the five-mile radius!  The programs she touched were instrumental and will have lasting impact.  Her dedication covered several areas: PTO at Wilson Elementary for the improved playground and track, the Deerfield neighborhood swim team, Covenant Lutheran Church Council, Youth & Family Ministries, and Football Boosters that supported athletes.  Ginny did all she could to always ensure all kids felt supported.

As the kids got older, Ginny embarked on a new adventure. She went back to work as a paraprofessional educator at Wilson Elementary and then decided to get her teaching certificate and started to teach at Lee Elementary.  True to form, in her four years there, she made an incredible impact on staff, students and families. Ginny had a gift for lifting others up with her radiant smile and contagious, positive energy.  Ginny was the type of teacher you prayed your child would have because she was a champion for all of them and truly changed lives.  She drew children to her with her radiating kindness, openness, and genuine love. Children went from feeling unsuccessful and frustrated to confident and able to read and write. When she transitioned from 2nd to 3rd grade, she specifically requested her most challenging students for another year because she said she just wasn’t finished with them yet. She was the heart of the school; she was a difference maker, and her legacy continues.  She will be the teacher her students remember well into their adulthood. When they are asked the question, “Who was your favorite teacher?”. There will be a resounding, “Mrs. Buschbom!”

Ginny’s philosophy on friendship: unconditional and authentic.  Her friends will always feel like there will never be enough people like Ginny in the world.  Her listening heart, honestly, kindness, ability to make you laugh even when you want to cry were a gift that she naturally possessed.  Ginny put her heart into her friendships and was the glue that brought many diverse people together.  She was a friendship matchmaker, the great connector of people!  No one ever passed up a chance to spend time with her – she was so funny and naughty.  She thrived and delighted in any opportunity to say “wait for it...!” when she knew she was about to bring you to tears of laughter with her antics. 

Ginny approached everything with honesty, humility and “put on your big girl panties” because she was in this thing called life – WITH you.  She exercised her sixth sense for knowing when people needed help, love or friendship – and she offered it generously.  She clearly told people how and why she believed in them – and was a champion for her family and friends. Once she jumped on your train you had a fierce woman in your camp. She gave people courage to experience things in life that they might not have considered without her encouragement – she made people brave (and somehow convinced you along the way that you were excited about the “crazy” idea too).  She had the amazing skill of balancing her pitch for a “sound and convincing plan” and actually getting you to go on a lark!  We cannot wait for the next lark.

The family has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and memories shared from those who knew Ginny.  We wanted to share some words that you all have shared with us that express how you saw her:  Warm, loving soul, sparkle, ray of sunshine, instant girlfriend, gracious host, fierce, protective, bubbly, profound, soulful, passionate, joyful, real, smart, compassionate, articulate, creative, introspective, hard-working, loyal, brave, graceful, fierce, adventuresome, inappropriate and funny as hell!  She was complicated and simple at the same time. She loved Jesus and embraced the concept of grace. She was a warrior for people.  Everyone that knew her feels blessed to have had her as a cherished, beautiful daughter, wife, mother, family member or friend.

We grieve our tragic loss but know that Ginny is now in heaven rustling up folks, saying “Where are my people!?” and we know she is hugging their necks and they are overjoyed to welcome her.

Ginny leaves behind her loving spouse, Klaus Buschbom, her devoted children; Peter, Emma and Kate and her dear mother, Marilyn Ann Wetzel.  Also mourning her loss is her mother in law, Marie-Luise Buschbom, sister in law and her spouse, Susanne (Buschbom) and John Cook, and their children Carsten and Christian. As well as numerous aunts, uncles, cousins and dear friends who considered her family: Brenda Sellars Wetzel Sharon Stephenson Wetzel and Mary Whitaker Wetzel; uncles: David Weldon Wetzel and Ronald Paul Wetzel; cousins: Jared Jacob, Mike, Tina and Tim. 

She was preceded in death by her grandparents, Paul Weldon Wetzel and Verlie Geneva Hardin Wetzel, and her father in law, Bernhard Buschbom.  

Due to COVID-19 and social distancing limitations, the family is planning ways for family and friends to outwardly acknowledge the light that Ginny was to this world.  More information will be forthcoming. 

In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to the following charities that were special to Ginny.  Your donations will have an impact for the future in her name.

The Parish School

Lutherhill Ministries

Charitable Donations may be made to:

The Parish School
11001 Hammerly Blvd., Houston, TX 77043. Website Link

Lutherhill Ministries
3782 Lutherhill Road, La Grange, TX 78945. Website Link


Message from
Jennifer Ellestad and Family
Sat, 05/23/2020

I was so lucky to have you in my life. Thank you for all of your guidance, pep talks, and laughs. You were absolutely one of a kind.

My deepest condolences to Klaus, your sweet moms and beautiful kids.

Message from
Donna and Gordon
Sun, 05/24/2020

Never saw Ginny without a smile.
She would light up a room. Everyone
Loved Ginny. She was taken away much
Too soon. Love and prayers for Klaus, Peter,
Kate and Emma.

Message from
Jan Thomas
Mon, 05/25/2020

For the time I knew you at Wilson Elementary you remained a consistently phenomenal person with a disposition that never changed. Your upbeat energy was contagious. The way you advocated for the kids was amazing. The world was better because Ginny was in it. You and your example of excellence will be missed.