Here at Beresford Funerals, we offer much more than just our Funeral and Cremation Services. We can provide your loved one with a flat granite marker or an upright monument. These items are  very customizable with size, color, and what you want  to put on them. We can even laser engrave photos  onto certain types of stone. We can deliver and install  in any cemetery and you do not need to have used  our funeral or cremation services to purchase a  memorial from us. Stop in today to receive a quote. Our professionally trained staff will sit with you and walk you through the process of memorialization. Cremation personalization is another service we offer. We offer hundreds of different urns for you to choose from, but did you know your ashes don't have to be placed in an urn? From diamonds rings and necklaces, to glass beads for your Pandora bracelet, we can help you pick the perfect piece to honor your loved one. Advances in technology have allowed us to turn your loved ones' ashes into beautiful pieces of jewelry and glass artwork. We work with several different companies that offer these unique alternatives to cremated remains.

Custom Angel (Black Granite)
Custom Angel in Black Granite


Diamonds, Jewelry, and Artwork made from cremated remains
Diamonds, Jewelry, and Artwork Made From Cremated Remains

Notch-Top Monument (Gray)


Companion Bronze on Red granite
Companion Bronze on Red Granite
Notch Top (Morning Rose)
Notch-top upright monument (Morning Rose)
Double Heart Monument
Double Heart Monument (Gray)
Double Heart (Black)
Double Heart design (Black granite)
Expressions in Bronze.
Expressions in Bronze allow you to personalize a memorial unlike ever before.


memorial bench
Garden Bench
Garden Bench
Economy Bench
Economy Bench
Flat Companion marker (Gray)
Flat Companion Marker (Gray)
Single Heart (Morning Rose)
Heart Monument (Morning Rose)
Stacked Heart (Gray)
Stacked Heart Monument (Gray)
Standard Upright (Black granite)
Standard Upright Monument (Black)
Standard Upright (Mahogany)
Standard Upright Monument (Mahogany)
Veteran Granite and Bronze on Granite
Veteran Granite and Bronze on Granite