Natural burial or “green burial” is not a new concept.  In fact, it is as old as time itself. Back before the large corporations started to take control of how we bury our loved ones, Natural Burials were common place.  Families took care of their own dead and found peace and comfort in knowing that they provided a dignified and meaningful send-off.

What is Natural Burial?

Natural Burial is simple. Unfortunately, many of the traditions of modern burial--such as embalming, metal caskets, and concrete vaults--are designed to delay what would naturally occur to our bodies. Natural Burial encourages limited use of items and services that are un-necessary in order to return to the earth.

Is Natural Burial legal?

Only under certain circumstances is embalming required by law. There are other options available to families who do not desire embalming, such as refrigeration. There are no laws that require the use of a burial vault, but many cemeteries have regulations that require the use of one in their cemetery.

I am interested in Natural Burial – how can I learn more?

Natural BurisBeresford Funeral Service offers a Natural Burial Package. This package includes: A cemetery lot in a Houston area cemetery that does not require a concrete vault, complete services of our staff to attend to the loved ones after death, a choice of bio-degradable caskets and filing of the death certificate. The Natural Burial Package starts at $6,700.00


If Natural Burial is the right choice for you, then we encourage you to Build A Package of Services That is Right For You.