More and more people have been asking for alternatives to costly funerals. Beresford Funeral Home has heard these requests, and we have been responding through our affiliate company, The Pine Box.

Chip Beresford started The Pine Box in Houston, Texas to bring the families of Houston reasonable pricing on funeral merchandise such as caskets, cremation urns, cemetery markers and monuments and other memorial items. Chip has now opened Beresford Funeral Service – a different kind of funeral home that offers the same quality service and merchandise as some of the best Houston funeral homes, but at a more reasonable price.

funeral_service_pic_28Arranging a funeral service or cremation service can be difficult – especially with the myriad of choices that need to be made. Beresford Funeral Home can help you with these choices or you can start getting prepared by completing our online Funeral Package Builder. The Funeral Package Builder is a unique tool we offer our website visitors to explore some options, make decisions and receive a discount for helping us to get started on creating just the right funeral or memorial service for your loved one or yourself.

For your convenience, we have put together some packages with most of the choices made for you from our most popular services and merchandise. Select one of the packages below or use our Funeral Package Builder for more flexibility in your selections. Of course, the helpful funeral directors and staff at Beresford Funeral Homes are available to help you with your selections or explaining the options you have. Just contact us.