In Memory of
Phyllis Louise Yates Bradt

Phyllis Louise Yates Bradt was called home to heaven on December 21, 2021, following a battle with Covid. Born on June 20, 1956 in Houston, Texas, she was the middle child of Eugene Yates and Clara Jane Lange (Yates) and a life-long Houstonian. She was married to L.T. “Butch” Bradt for nearly 46 years. Phyllis had a huge, giving heart and always wanted a large family. She was blessed with two biological children, Tom Bradt and Katie (Bradt) Balentine. Before she and Butch had Tom and Katie, Phyllis had already started opening their home to children with difficult home situations who needed a warm, loving environment. As Butch puts it, it was all mom, he was just along for the ride. She took in 14 foster children over the course of their marriage, with their stays ranging in duration from a few weeks to over 4 years. She loved each and every one of those foster children as if they were her own blood, giving as much guidance, comfort and love to them as she could. Many of her foster children followed her example by fostering children when they had their own homes.  She considered her greatest accomplishment to be being a mom to each one of her kids, both biological and foster. Watching her kids grow, leave the nest and start families of their own, using and incorporating everything she had taught them, brought her a tremendous amount of joy and satisfaction.
She loved working with her hands. Whether it be home renovations & repairs, painting, building furniture or creating elevated garden beds, she was incredibly happy when she was doing something with tools where she could see the tangible results of her efforts. In her last years she rediscovered a love of gardening, making and tending to multiple raised gardens. She loved sharing her time and talents. She was always willing to lend a hand, helping someone out in whatever way she could. She taught many people how to sew, how to use power tools, do home repairs and maintenance, how to garden, and even how to speak English (she taught an ESL class at St. Timothy for a while). But most importantly, she taught people how to love selflessly by being an example of that kind of love every day. No matter what she was going through, or the pain she was in from her back, she was selflessly willing to lend an ear, a hand, a hug, or whatever was required if someone needed something.   

Above all else, she was a woman who loved openly and completely. She unconditionally loved her family and friends. She unquestionably loved Jesus Christ and was absolutely steadfast in her faith that she would be going home to heaven to be with Jesus when her time here was done. She now resides in heaven, safe in the arms and care of her Heavenly Father. She is sorely missed and survived by:

Butch Bradt (husband)
Tom, Jenny, Ellie and Luke Bradt (son, daughter-in-law, granddaughter and grandson)
Katie Balentine (daughter), James Balentine (son-in-law), and granddaughters, Donna and Rebecca
Barrie Jackson (son), Kim Jackson (daughter-in-law) and grandchildren Makayla, Cameron and Kenzie
Eugene Yates (father)
Bill Yates (brother)
Many other relatives and foster children