caket prices

The NY Times recently published an article about funeral homes not displaying prices online. The article is very informative and I encourage all of you to take a moment and give it a read.

It is an interesting article to say the least and I agree. Most funeral homes do not put their prices online. Maybe they have something to hide? At Beresford Funeral Services we have nothing to hide and prominently display our prices online. In fact, we also provide pricing of those funeral homes who do not want you to know what their prices are with our price comparison page.

Many times, the funeral homes that do not place their prices online have one goal... They want to get you in their building.salesman

Once families are sitting down with a funeral director (aka a commissioned based sales man), their sales pitch takes over... Many times with guilt inducing must haves. 

Always do your research before choosing a funeral home. If the funeral home does not provide pricing online, as stated before, they could be hiding that from you. Like I said earlier, their goal is to get you in the door. Call and ask for a General Price List before visiting with them. 

We are proud of the services we provide our families, and we are proud to post all of our pricing for everyone to see. What is the first thing you see when you visit our website? BOOM. "Value Funeral Package starting at $2995" and "Direct Cremation Starting at $1595". We have nothing to hide from anyone, ever.

To read the full article published by the NY Times, please click HERE.