Below is a list of Houston area funeral homes and their prices for a traditional funeral service. Please compare these Houston funeral homes' prices to Beresford Funeral Home's prices. You will not find a better value in a traditional funeral service anywhere else in Houston, Texas.

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Funeral Home

Traditional Funeral

Service Price

Beresford Funeral Home $ 4,170
American Heritage $ 6,995
Brookside Cypress Creek $ 6,795
Brookside Lauder Rd $ 8,995
Crowder Funeral Home $ 6,400
Earthman- Bellaire $ 9,560
Earthman- Hunters Creek $11,560
Earthman- Resthaven $ 9,560
Earthman- Southwest $ 6,995
Forest Park East $10,245
Forest Park Lawndale $ 9,860
Forest Park Westheimer $11,060
Forest Park Woodlands $ 9,560
George H. Lewis $12,000
Grandview Funeral Home $ 9,560
Heights Funeral Home $ 9,560
Kingwood Funeral Home $ 9,560
Klein Funeral Home - CyFair Northwest $ 5,440
Memorial Oaks Funeral Home $11,560
Pat H. Foley Funeral Home $10,245
Rosewood Funeral Home (3 locations) $ 6,995
Schmidt Funeral Home (Grand Parkway) $ 6,705
Southpark Funeral Home $ 6,485
Waltrip Funeral Home $10,245
Woodlawn Funeral Home $ 9,890

Please note: These prices were gathered from the listed funeral home's general price list. Each item in Beresford Funeral Home's Traditional Funeral package was priced and totaled to arrive at the price displayed here. If the listed funeral home provided a traditional funeral package of services and merchandise similar to Beresford Funeral Homes' package when requested, that price was used in this comparison. Pricing information was gathered in Spring 2017. All prices are subject to change. Click to view a detailed list of itemized prices from these Houston area funeral homes.


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