Books On Grief

We are pleased to announce that we will now be offering books for our families to bring home based on their family's situation. All of our books touch on different topics of grief for all ages and scenarios.Whether you are dealing with the loss of a parent, grandparent, sibling or child, there is a book for you.

Of course there is no charge for this program, we just ask that it is returned back to us when you are finished reading it, or pass it along to someone that you think would benefit from it.

Literature can really help during times like this, and most of the books are written by people who have gone through a similar situation. We even have books for children to help them understand what has happened, even childrens books dealing with the loss of a family pet.

Some of the titles are:

  • Grieving The Death Of A Friend
  • Caring And Coping When Your Loved One Is Seriously Ill
  • Recovering From The Loss Of A Sibling
  • Bereaved Children and Teens
  • Dear Parents - Letters To Bereaved Parents
  • How Will I Get Through The Holidays

We are here to help before, during, and after a loss. Please feel free to stop by and see what we have for you and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee.